About Us
APJ GROUP is an integrated construction services, materials and infrastructure investment group. Founded in 1999 the APJ Group has grown from being forest logistic contractors to a diversified and dynamic business group currently operates in Kerala and Tamilnadu having a national footprint with interests in Construction, Manufacturing of Aggregates, Sand, Ready-mix concrete and Hospitality. It is a name well established among the distinguished entities of the state, with a young and highly motivated taskforce of professionals who are a prized asset of the organization. The group's strategy is to secure growth and reduce earnings volatility within the construction sector by capturing multiple margin streams across the infrastructure value chain. This is achieved through product and geographic diversity and optimizing the materials supply chain. It achieves growth through:

1. Expanding its geographic footprint
2. Securing and executing large multi-disciplinary contracts
3.Optimizing the contribution of our manufacturing and construction materials portfolio

The group believes that the ability to operate in a disciplined and sustainable fashion over the long term is central to maintaining a competitive advantage in both buoyant and challenging market conditions. Within this strategic context, we implemented a total quality management culture that underpins every aspect of our operations andreinforces the centrality of sustainability. This binds together often disparate business components and embeds the concept of a triple bottom line management culture, guided by disciplined behavior and measured through clear targets.