Chairman's message

"Great Achievement is mounted on the platform of concrete determination cemented through quality processing"

APJ Group is proud to be in the forefront of many different business environments as well as watch keepers of social commitments. We are an old company with a rich inheritance of business profile and rejuvenated into a young one with acquirement of ultra modern infrastructure and expertise. More than 300 employees hailing from different states and cultures are involved in achieving our Vision & Mission and delivering our promises to our customers, suppliers & community.

We value our employees and strive for their overall upliftment realizing that they are ultimately our most valuable resource and asset. They are provided with an environment which enables them to perform in the most professional and efficient way thus ensuring that the needs of our clients are met.

Today, the APJ Group is among the largest conglomerates in Kerala and one of the state's most active infrastructure development companies. With interests covering construction, manufacturing and hospitality, the APJ Group has diversified into all facets of India's modern economy.

On this platform, it is quite imperative to owe our success to our esteemed customers for the trust, accommodating suppliers and of course to our employees who have been the backbone of our success story.

Joemon Joseph, Edathala