Greenfield Sand
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Effective Sand Manufacturing process potential to replace natural sand in civil construction

Material described as manufactured sand can range from unprocessed quarry dust to, at best, carefully processed fine aggregate specifically designed for use in concrete or other products. Concrete need a very specific and consistent gradation in the sand that is not typically satisfied by the fines produced in conventional rock crushing. In the normally available manufactured sand usually find that the coarser particles are abundant, there is a shortage of material in the crucial 150um-1mm range, and an excess of < 63 or elongated, and sharp-edged, leading to increased surface area(which needs more cement/water to coat it), increased voids ratio, and reduced workability in end use. The Greenfield Sand manufacturing process sought to produce a system that would generate sand confirming to the standard specification with superior particle shape throughout the size range, controlled filter content and the ability to maintain consistency despite variations in feed.

Roller Crushing Technology
The crushing rolls are individually driven in counter rotation by ample drive arrangements to achieve a uniform final grain size distribution. As the material passes through roller crusher which revolves at high R.P.M. crushes the material into smaller size. The breakthrough 3-D crushing technology that includes intermeshing continuous tooth roll design and positive roll timing that delivers the industry's best dimensional product with fewer fines.

Rock on Rock Crushing Method
Vertical Shaft Impact crusher uses a unique rock on rock crushing method employing a high speed rotor with crushing chamber of the equipment. Velocity is applied in VSI crushers as the resulting force, to break stone particles. The feed particles acquire the velocity with the high impact of the kinetic energy of each other. With the help of VSI crusher fine and course material production becomes easy and convenient. The final product output is cubicle in shape.