Crusher Division
Established in 2002 Crusher Division of APJ Group is one of the largest producers and suppliers of Aggregates and granite building stones in Kerala. Our aggregates are used in road bases, concrete, asphalt and other construction related areas. We are proud of our rich history of providing high quality materials and being a steward of the community and the environment. We employ full-time staff to monitor aggregate quality, ensure environmental compliance and to protect natural resources during production.
We produce a wide range of construction aggregates. This includes blue metal aggregates from 5mm-200+ mm, road bases of various grades and blended specialty products made to specification. Our aggregates are widely used in the production of ready mix concrete, concrete products, as well as road based materials including blacktop. Large volumes of aggregates are supplied to a wide range of projects from civil engineering to homebuilding and from highway construction to container terminals. In addition, we also produce aggregates for specialist applications such as rail ballast, and rock armor for sea and river defense.

Vijaya stone aggregates

Vijaya Stone Aggregates deals with the manufacturing of aggregates and semi graded sand. VSA's crushing and quarrying operations employ modern techniques of mining and crushing using jaw crushers, cone crushers and impactors. Having commenced its operations in 2006's , Vijaya Stone Aggregates has acquired comprehensive technical/operational knowledge and operates a broad range of fixed and mobile crushing and screening plant, capable of producing a wide range of quality products including stabilized road construction materials.